We grow SME’s…
When small and growing business are provided with the know-how and tools to enable them to actualise their growth plan, they create greater value for the entrepreneurs and job opportunities for their communities.

This belief has propelled us to build BlueInventure, a company focused on one key thing-growing SME’s with time-tested and effective business growth advisory solutions to enable them to become the economic powerhouses that will transform Africa.

Our purpose
We create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and in doing so, contribute to our vision of a transformed Africa through Enterprise.

We support...
SME’s within the manufacturing, Agriculture, Hospitality, Wholesale and retail trade, Healthcare, Education, Renewable Energy and partner with financial institutions and technology providers as ecosystem enablers.

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Phone: +254 710 846-667

2nd Floor, PROCMURA Bldg,
Prof. Saitoti Ave. (formerly Sports Road), Westlands