What we do
BlueInventure is a regional business and development advisory firm that is focused on providing strategy and impact advisory services to SME’s, producer organisations, corporations, financial institutions and development organisations.


Our focus
We focus our efforts at enabling our clients to create, deliver and capture value for their stakeholders, be it social impact or economic return.


Our purpose
We create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and in doing so, contribute to our vision of a transformed Africa through Enterprise.

Our services
We provide independent economic and industry analysis and utilize a combination of both qualitative and quantitative approaches to enable our clients make more sound and more informed decisions. We are also constantly seeking to innovate by leveraging on our broad knowledge base to enhance our value proposition to our clients.

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Phone: +254 710 846-667

2nd Floor, PROCMURA Bldg,
Prof. Saitoti Ave. (formerly Sports Road), Westlands