At the heart of BlueInventure’s approach to supporting entrepreneurs is a unique business advisory model and its highly competent business advisors who work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs for periods of between 6 to 18 months to deliver tested and proven business growth, business optimization, business turnaround and investment readiness solutions. We seek to assist SMEs both directly and through the financial institutions, NGOs, government organizations, corporations and other members of the SME ecosystem by helping them deliver better support to entrepreneurs.

BlueInventure focuses the advisory services it offers SMEs through any one of three business stages:

Are you starting a business, breaking into a new market or launching a product? Any of these efforts call for a thorough assessment of customer needs and product design, your company’s operational strengths and weaknesses, the competitive landscape, sales and marketing plans and whether your team has the skills it needs to succeed – just to name a few. BlueInventure can help your business handle these challenges.

Among the business advisory services, we provide:

  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources


Your sales and revenue have stalled, competitors are eating into your market share and you are struggling to get back on a growth path. Are your internal business systems not robust enough to handle more volume? Have you yet to find a new market in which to expand? Are you too focused on the day-to-day to have time for product or process innovation?

BlueInventure can help you focus on and fix these or other impediments by working with your business to:

  • Align your product to high potential markets
  • Enhance your existing capability to source, produce and deliver products at higher volumes.
  • Increase market share by better positioning your product against the competition, developing compelling marketing programs and improving on-the-ground sales and supply-chain execution.


If you’re an entrepreneur who aims to optimize your business by developing the right talent, streamlining operations or securing appropriate funding, we can help. BlueInventure will assist you in finding and training team members for crucial roles and re-engineering business processes for greater efficiency. We can also connect you with the right investment sources to fund your business.

Among the services we provide:

  • Detailed analysis of, recommended changes to and help implementing upgrades for your financial management, manufacturing, sales and distribution systems.
  • Help recruiting, hiring and training key staff members.
  • Identifying potential business investors or lenders and then helping you develop the business plan, due diligence analysis and pitch presentation needed to win them over.